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You can categorise our tours into days, depending on how many kilometres you would like to paddle during your tour.


However the actual number of days also depend on:


how many hours do you paddle each day,

the actual flow of the river (in summertime generally 2 kph),

if you paddle a kayak (faster) or a canoe,

do you take a day(days) free time or not.


With Klarälven Kanot your tour will always end on time. If you think it will take to long, just give us a call and we will pick you up.  


1 day:

Byn 18 km and Loffstrand 30 km are tours for one day. From Byn the tour is well suited to slowly paddle down stream, take a rest and lunch or swim a little.

From Loffstrand you will enjoy a full days paddling.


2 days:

Fastnäs 39 km and Björkebo 48 km are tours that require a night out. Make you own camp along the river and come back the next day. Depending on how long you want to paddle you chose for Fastnäs or Björkebo as a starting place.


3-4 days:

Stöllet 59 km at the crossing between route 45 and 62. You start from the camping and the first bit of river goes along very nice river banks and into the beautiful nature.


4-5 days:

Ambjörby 72 km and  Likenäs bridge 88 km. The wide river finds its way through the landscape. Sometimes the riverbanks are a little higher and sometimes you will see beautiful sand banks witch are being used by wildlife.


5-6 days:

Ransby 98 km. A nice distance for a beautiful week in de wild nature off Värmland. Build you own camp or use one of the campsites along the river.


6-7 days:

Sysslebäck 116 km. Our highest starting point. From here you can paddle the maximum length at a safe part of the river. It is even safe for a little un-experienced paddlers as well as families.







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